Tempur Mattress Review

Tempur® is famously known as the pioneer of memory foam mattresses and for its use of above-average quality material in its products. Established in the early 1970s and boasting it’s connection to “NASA”, Tempur has gained tremendous brand awareness across the globe. Since then, it has helped people from more than 76 countries.

If you’re looking for a highly established brand with different model variety, then Tempur is perfect for you. But if you’re looking for a mattress that is worth the value and easy to transport through the narrow lifts in Hong Kong estates, then this may not before you.

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Overview of Tempur® Mattress Line-up in Hong Kong

Tempur has in total 4 series of Memory foam mattress line – TEMPUR® Hybrid, TEMPUR® Original, TEMPUR® Cloud and TEMPUR® Sensation – to meet consumer’s varied needs. For all the models available, the mattress is manufactured in Denmark. Whether you’re looking for a firmer feel or a cloud-like feel or wanting a mattress that allows for ease of movement, Tempur has it all. Besides, we also provide an overview of the mattress firmness rating and its suitability for different sleepers.

Overview and comparison of the different Tempur series in Hong Kong

  • TEMPUR® Hybrid Collection – is a line of mattress that is said to combine pressure-relieving benefits and the responsiveness of springs. Their newly developed Precision Micro Coils is claimed to be able to sense and respond to every body movement.
  • TEMPUR® Original Collection – is a line of mattress designed to contour to the sleeper’s body shape and providing pressure relief support.
  • TEMPUR® Cloud – is a line of mattress that is especially suited for those who prefers a softer feel.
  • TEMPUR® Sensation – is a line of mattress that is designed for the ease of movement while providing exceptional support. It is suited for people who prefer the feeling of sleeping on a traditional spring mattress.

TEMPUR® Original Mattress Review

Giving Tempur Original Mattress a try!

Because of the wide variety of the model, there are in the Hong Kong market, we’ll be looking in-depth at its Original line. There are currently 3 mattress options available in the market – Supreme 21, Elite 25, and Original 15. The Original line is claimed to provide exceptional comfort and support. It is especially suited for people who prefer a firmer feel. We tested it for a week in June where it was fairly hot. We did not have the air conditioning on, just the fan on and with the windows open as we would normally sleep.

Verdict: Tempur’s Memory Foam Contours The Body Perfectly

Layers of Tempur mattress

The most crucial material component is the Tempur patented open-pressure elastic structure containing pressure-reducing particles. This layer is claimed to be able to comfort perfectly to the sleeper’s body shape and relieving pressure, promising a comfortable sleep throughout the night.


To test the validity of the claim, we had our handprints imprinted on the foam layer. True to its claim, the memory foam mattress molds exactly to our handprint before getting back to its shape. We’re pleased to say that TEMPUR® MATERIAL is quality material and true to its claim. When we lay on the mattress, there is almost no gap between our body and the mattress. Tempur mattress snuggly wraps around our body curve, giving the amazing body support it promises.

Verdict: Medium Firmness With A Sinking Feeling

Conducting sinkage test on Tempur

We all agree that the Tempur mattress feels more like a medium-firm than anything. Because of its viscoelastic property, there is a feeling of sinking in. If you’re someone who prefers sleeping “on” the mattress than “in” the mattress, then Tempur may not be for you.

To give a better idea of how much the mattress sinks when weight is applied, we did a couple of sinkage test.

  • We first had one of our colleagues jump on the Tempur mattress. The mattress shows very evident sign of sinkage.


  • We then threw an 18kg kettlebell onto the mattress. The mattress shows a considerable amount of dent and continues to sink further.


From both tests, we can conclude that the Tempur mattress top layer has a relatively high unique sinkage response and hence, very noticeable body-contouring effect. But it’s also precisely because of this effect that makes it difficult to move around in bed. If you’re a parent who does not want your child to jump in your bed, this might be for you! (We were panting like crazy after a couple of jumps.) But for partners, this may not be an ideal mattress.

For those who like the feeling of “sinking in” to the mattress and want to know more about how supportive the mattress is. We took it a step further by getting one of our colleague to lay on her side and measure her spine to see if its kept straight or affected.

Spinal measurement

The result was amazing! Tempur did not disappoint. The support was extremely great. Given the high price tag slap on Tempur mattress, the money paid might be a good investment for a night of good supportive sleep if you’re into the “sinking in” feeling.

Verdict: The Mattress Do Feel A Little Stuffy

Generally, we agreed that the mattress feels slightly “stuffy”. We did however expected it as we did not pay extra for the cooling technology which is likely to help improve the mattress breathability. Tempur has its very own CoolTouch™ technology available for all its models. However, compared to its competitors, Tempur offer this cooling technology as an add on for an additional price. This may come across to be extremely hefty for some customers as Tempur mattress itself commands a high price. As such, Tempur owners who are unwilling to pay this price premium has reported that their mattress absorbs and retains body heat to an uncomfortable extent. This may make Tempur mattress extremely uncomfortable to sleep on during summer months which can be extremely warm in Hong Kong.

Verdict: May Not Be Recommended For Light Sleeper

For those of you who share a bed with your partner, you probably would want to know what is it like when your partner is tossing and turning beside you. To stimulate it, we did two tests.

  • Our famous juice test where one of our colleagues jumps on the mattress with two bottle of juice standing upright.

From both videos, we conclude that if you’re a light sleeper or a parent to an active toddler, Tempur may not be for you. Compared to some of the more affordable online mattress brands, Tempur fares poorly in our juice test. Our colleague can be seen bouncing slightly while the other one is jumping. If you have a partner who moves a lot during your sleep or if you’re a light sleeper, you may want to consider other mattress brands.

Is Tempur easy to clean and maintain?

Like most mattresses, the mattress should not be washed or dry cleaned. However, the mattress cover cloth can be easily removed for cleaning of any dirt or dust on the surface. It is also recommended to dry the cover in a well-ventilated environment to avoid mold.

Whether or not should you wash or dry clean your mattress cover would depend if the mattress cover is a regular cover or special cover. For instance, covers treated with Tempur cooling gel technology is not machine washable. Hence, it is advisable to always check the label or with the retailer beforehand.

Is Tempur easy to move around?

This is dependent on the model purchased. The more expensive models are usually thicker and hence, heavier. Many owners have reported that the heavyweight of the mattress makes it difficult for mattresses to be transported or moved around. Changing the sheets can be difficult as well given the lack of handles attachment. It is recommended for two person to move the mattress. (Us, two girls, had a lot of difficulty moving a single sized mattress!)

Does Tempur mattress come with warranty and 100-night trial?

Every Tempur mattress purchased comes with 10 years guarantee. However, unlike most of the online mattress brands such as Emma and Skyler, Tempur does not offer the 100 night trial to its customers.

Where to buy Tempur?

Tempur has 11 physical store location across Hong Kong. Most locations are convenient and central, allowing consumers to easily test out the mattress at the store most convenient for them. Having its flagship store in Hong Kong also ensures that every salesperson is adequately trained to promote Tempur mattress properly. You will find it easier to navigate through the various models and finding the right model for you.

Is Tempur mattress worth buying?

Girl laying and trying the Tempur Original mattress


Overall, Tempur mattress has been rated highly and positively raved for its quality. But its price which sits between $10,000 and $20,000 is still extremely high to justify the quality. If you’re someone looking for a mattress valued for the price, then you will be disappointed. The need to pay extra for the cooling technology also pain most locals who are unable to put up with the summer heat in Hong Kong. Many parents and animal lovers have also complained about the difficulty to clean its covers.

Having said that, Tempur’s extensive mattress range gives plenty of choices to its customers. There’s always a model that will suit the sleepers firmness preference and sleep position. Tempur may be a great option for those who have already tried the plethora of well-received online competitors and have not found their true match.



  • Multiple versions that suits various needs
  • Use of high quality memory foam that memorizes and slowly gets back to its shape
  • Contours around the sleeper’s body perfectly
  • Highly supportive and comfortable


  • Pricey
  • Mattress feels “hot” (unless willing to pay extra for cooling technology)
  • Some covers cannot be machine washed
  • Mattress sinks a lot which is not great for people who prefer sleeping “on” the mattress
  • Tempur did not fare very well during the motion isolation test
  • Difficulty in movement makes it less ideal for couples

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