Seahorse Mattress Review

Seahorse Mattress, founded in 1987, was established in the production, wholesale and retail including mattresses, pillows, bedding, sofas, and sections of the furniture. Headquarters in Hong Kong. It has a worldwide business covering Hong Kong, PRC, Singapore, Canada, UK and Malaysia.

Seahorse Sea-all Mattress

We have chosen the Sea-all mattress for testing. It is mainly composed of foam which provide adequate support. Its cover contains charcoal and an anti-mite layer which the company claims can help with maintaining hygiene.

Test Result

The mattress is really firm as shown in the video. Even if we pressed hard on it, it still maintained its form.

The mattress unfortunately is not very form-fitting, as demonstrated by our tester. His spine did not lay horizontally which indicates the mattress ergonomics is not the best compared to other products.

Consumer Council Test Result

According to a report done by the Hong Kong Consumer Council, the Sea-all mattress scored 2.5 out of 5 in terms of Body Support. Firmness rating is hard, breathability is average while durability is high. The result is similar to ours.


Overall, the Seahorse mattress is a lot cheaper than its competitor while offering average comfort and support. It is a perfect budget option.
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