EMMAS Mattress Review

EMMAS is founded in Australian since 1980. They offer more than a dozen series, each comprises of different materials and design features.

Tencel Careback Deluxe

We have conducted tests on the EMMAS Tencel Careback Deluxe. The mattress is a combination of pocket spring and latex, which provide great support to the user. Latex is also a natural dustmite detergent, though some people are allergic to latex.  It has also acquired the International Textile Safety Certification and BS7177 Flame Retardant Certification.

Compared to other series, the Tencel Careback Deluxe is more affordable. EMMAS has production facilities in various locations, namely in Australia and China. The model we examined this time is made in China.

Customers and After Sales Service

EMMAS mainly focuses on onsite sales and does not provide any trial service. Consumers could try out their mattresses in the 26 retail stores throughout Hong Kong.

All models are eligible for a 10-year warranty, though starting from the 3rd year consumers are subject to additional charges for the repairment and delivery.


The Tencel Care Deluxe is a reasonably price product with impressive performance. Being manufactured in China does not seem to have adverse effects on the quality and performance of the mattress