Airland Mattress Review

Airland Mattress is founded in 1966 in order to introduce spring mattresses into the Hong Kong market. To date they offer 5 series of mattresses ranging from memory foam mattress to individual pocket spring products.

Radiance Sport

Airland’s Radiance Sport is tested in this review. The product is a poplar mid-price mattress, with a sales price of HKD 5660. It utilizes continuous springs which provide great firmness and stability.

From the above illustration, we can see that our tester’s back remained horizontal, indicating a decent comfort level as well as weight support.


Firmness is on the harder side, which is preferred by most Hongkongers.


However, because of the continuous spring, motion transfer mitigation of the Radiance sport is disappointing. As shown in the clip, any movement on the mattress will lead to violent vibration. Hence, the mattress is not suitable for couples who are sensitive to movement during slepp.


雅蘭煥能 II 運動有着優異的承托力和硬度,舒適度以及包覆性不俗,價錢亦合理,算是性價比頗高的產品。唯一需要注意的地方是對於要一齊睡的人,使用此床褥會容易互相干擾,影響睡眠質素。床墊的硬度對於部分人特別是老人家有可能會過硬,導致瞓醒覺後腰酸背痛,因此亦需要多加留意。

Overall the Radiance Sport has decent firmness and weight support, comfort and form-fitting. Considering the price of the mattress, its price-performance ratio is quite high. Nonetheless, it might be too hard for the elderly and generally not suitable for couples who are shallow sleepers.

• Decent support
• Great performance for the price
• High firmness

• Could disturb your partners
• Too stiff for some people
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