Skyler Mattress

Hong Kong’s home grown mattress brand Skyler has gained popularity with its affordable mattress-in-the-box design. It has been featured in local media like SCMP, hket, and 香港01. With its price starting at $5,200 and yet, made in China, the brand might be slightly over priced compared to one of its closest competitor, Emma, who retail mattress at similar prices but with the “Made-In-Germany” assurance. Whether or not this local mattress brand darling lives up to its price and quality, we’ll conduct a series of test and share our honest review with you.

Mattress Construction

Skyler currently retail 2 types of mattress – the Skyler mattress (10″) and the Skyler mattress (6″). The latter is consider the basic version of its original series. In this review, we’ll be reviewing the Skyler mattress (10″). The mattress is composed of 3 layers:

  • Natural latex layer – this 1.5″ thick layer which is said to have an open-cell design to effectively dissipates body heat. Its claimed that this latex layer can repel dust mites, mould and mildew.
  • Gel memory foam – this 2″ thick layer is said to mould perfectly to the sleeper’s body shape, providing adequate support.
  • High density support foam – this 6.5″claims to add strength and durability to provide support to the core mattress structure.

We did a further research to the claim that natural latex layer can repel dust mites. This is true as latex is considered to be naturally hypoallergenic. Their Coolmax® & Tencel® Woven Cover which wraps around the mattress is also said to be hypoallergenic and dustmite proof. Although not much has been explained or has there been any certification to prove otherwise. We did made an enquiry and found out that the cover is treated with chemicals for dust mites. But when asked for more information, we were only told that no harmful chemicals were used as “our (sic) mattress is hypoallergenic”. This made us rather dubious about their claim.

Nonetheless, frequent washing of the cover will reduce its anti-mites effect. Regardless of how truthful is its claim, if you’re someone who is allergic to latex (yes, this is a real medical condition), Skyler may not be for you.

Skyler Mattress Review

With all its claim of “Zero partner disturbance” , ”one size fit all”, and “special cooling comfort”, we’re extremely excited to give Skyler mattress a try! Hence, similar to the Emma mattress, we decided to test it for a week in July where it is fairly hot. We did not have the air conditioning on, but the ceiling fan was switched on and the windows were kept open.

Verdict: The Mattress Feels Classy On The Outside But Not On The Inside

We’re completely in love with the velvety dark blue sides which give the mattress an air of elegance. It’s velvety texture makes it soft and nice to touch. The dark blue sides and the top cover is only made to be rather thick which gives the assurance of quality. However, when we flip open, the base layer was no more than a thin flimsy layer that destroys our overall impression.

Verdict: The Mattress Could Fit Easily Into The Lift

True to the founder’s intention when they first created Skyler, no mattress the mattress size, the mattress can easily fit into even the smallest lift. The mattress arrived in a compact dark blue box with fitted wheels that makes it easy to move around. If you have ever heard horror stories of how stores have suggested to cut the mattress in half and gluing it back together once transported into your room, then you no longer have to worry by purchasing a mattress-in-the-box.

Verdict: Cooling sleep? Or nah. Split Conclusion.

After one week of testing the mattress each, we both arrive at a split conclusion. Generally, this mattress will provide a cooling sleep for most customers. But for those who are very warm sleepers or like my colleague who sweats very easily, some heat retention may be experienced.

Verdict: Zero partner disturbance

For those who are sleeping with a partner, it’s important to find out how the mattress performs when you have a partner that is heavier than you or moving around in his/her sleep a lot. To do so, we decided to conduct our infamous juice test.

As seen in the video, Skyler did not fair as well as its other competitors did. This maybe a crucial factor to think about for couples.

Verdict: Feels Firm But May Not Be Supportive For Heavier People.

The mattress feels soft when we first sat on it, but when we laid on it, the mattress do feel firm. Skyler’s claim that the mattress is a medium firm of 7 to 8. That is rightly accurate.

However, in terms of support, we feel that the mattress is lacking in this area. Compared to both Ecosa and Emma, Skyler lacks the cut out in its bottom foam layer. The cut outs are crucial to distribute weight evenly so even when someone of a heavier weight sleeps on the mattress, there is no clear sign of sinking at only one part of the body to ensure the spine is properly align.

To demonstrate it, we had three people to lay on the mattress. There is a clearly observed deeper sinking at the lower part of the body which is heavier compared to the shoulders. This lack of support may cause body ache.










Is Skyler Mattress Easy to Clean and Maintain?

The mattress cover can be easily removable and washable. The mattress cover can also be machine washed but only with cold water. This maybe a problem for households who prefer washing undergarments, bed linens, and mattress cover at high temperature (40 to 50 degrees) to kill the bed bugs and kill the germs.

Is Skyler Mattress Easy to Move Around?

Skyler mattress is a light weight mattress that is easy to move around. Similar to Tempur, the lack of handle attachments may make it difficult to flip the mattress.

Where to buy Skyler Mattress?

You can buy Skyler mattress online at their store page or their store and showrooms. They currently have 1 flagship store and 4 showrooms. To name a few, Harmony furniture and Sofagoodsofa.

Is Skyler worth buying?

Skyler has definitely captured the hearts of many locals with its distinctive and elegant design that makes Skyler mattress feels expensive. The lovely handle and wheels attachment to the box also makes it easy for the mattress to be moved around at home. This definitely adds a nice touch. Having said that, Skyler may not be suitable for heavier people. The lack of cut outs in the bottom foam layer means that the mattress is unable to distribute weight evenly through the mattress. Hence, a heavier sleeper can expect more sinking in his lower body than his shoulders. This can result in back ache and poor spinal alignment in the long term. The mattress also perform average in the motion transfer testing although movement is not restricted. Skyler by no means is the cheapest mattress-in-the-box brand in the market, but if you can afford to pay for Skyler, you may want to consider to pay $100~$400 more for a more supportive mattress that is carefully designed by engineers like Emma.


  • Mattress arrives in a compact box with wheels attachment for ease of handling
  • Upper latex layer naturally repels dust mites, mold and mildew
  • Velvety royal blue side cover gives the feeling of elegancy and appears premium


  • Mattress cover cannot be wash in warm or hot water which makes it difficult to remove dirt, dust and bacteria
  • The absence of cut outs in the bottom layer means the mattress cannot evenly distribute weight easily, making it less suitable for heavier people
  • Perform average in motion transfer testing, making it less ideal for couples

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