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Ecosa Mattress Review

Australian brand Ecosa found its way to popularity after the video of the wine glass to test the mattress’s zero motion isolation went viral. Since it’s founding in 2015, it has entered the Hong Kong, New Zealand, the USA and the Canada market. Even though a foreign brand, the mattresses are made in China. In this in-depth review of the adjustable firmness Ecosa mattress, we’ll conduct several test and feature the three different firmness configuration to assess the mattress’ overall value. If you’re wondering if the Ecosa mattress is any good, then continue reading!

Ecosa Mattress Review

With all its claim of “Zero partner disturbance” , ”one size fit all”, and “3-in-1 firmness adjustability”, we’re extremely excited to give Ecosa mattress a try! Hence, similar to the Emma mattress, we decided to test it for a week in July where it is fairly hot. We did not have the air conditioning on, but the ceiling fan was switched on and the windows were kept open. We also will review the different configuration to see if switching the layers can affect the comfort and support level.

Mattress Construction

Ecosa currently only sell one line of mattress – the Ecosa mattress. It is an all adjustable foam mattress, made of three interchangeable layers. This 3 different layer configuration gives a 3 different firmness level. Depending on your preference, you can simply swap the layers.

Ecosa mattress layers

The mattress is composed of 3 layers:

  • G-7 Gel memory foam layer – the softest layer that is said to provide a medium level of firmness (6/10). This layer is claimed to contour to the sleeper’s body shape and relieve pressure point without sinking in too deeply. The gel particles keeps the mattress from overheating.
  • ECO-Tex memory foam layer – the semi-firm layer that is said to provide a medium-firm level of firmness (7/10). The layer has an open-pore structure that is claimed to increase the breathability of the mattress.
  • Ergonomic support foam layer – the firmnest layer (8/10 on the firmness scale) with grooves to help with air flow. It is claimed to support pressure point and help with spinal alignment.

When we first opened the covers, we were expecting three distinct layers. However, layers are group in the sense where the base layer (ergonomic support layer) is an individual layer while the other two layers are grouped together in a single socking cover.


Verdict: The Mattress Could Fit Easily Into The Lift

Similar to Emma and Skyler, Ecosa mattress arrive in a compact white box with aqua green stripes. This makes it easy for handling and transport through the narrow alley and lifts in Hong Kong.

Verdict: The Firmness Description Is Pretty Accurate

Based on the instructions on the booklet that comes with the mattress, different configurations will give you different firmness level. We tried all three configurations and felt that the firmness description is pretty accurate.

Ecosa booklet instructions

Ecosa booklet instructions

We tried all three configurations and felt that the firmness description is pretty accurate. Having said that, we feel that Ecosa may not provide enough support. For instance, two of us who were back sleepers tried all three configurations and feel that the support was lacking in all three. Even with the firmest configuration, the mattress appears to lacks adequate counter pressure to support the spine. This made is very uncomfortable for both of us. However, for the other girl who was much lighter than both of us (around ~40kg), she was not able to experience the same feeling.

Depending on your sleep position, you may also want to adjust the configuration to suit you the best. Typically, Ecosa is ideal for back and side sleepers. As for stomach sleeper, it depends on both body weight and preferences. Ideally, stomach sleeper would prefer a medium firmness without hurting the spine or sinking too much in. For the medium-firm configuration, we felt that it was more comfortable to lay on the mattress when sleeping on the stomach than on our back.


Verdict: Adjustable firmness sounds cool but a hassle

Ecosa mattress layers and covers

We were extremely excited to give the adjustable firmness function a try! But it turned out to be more troublesome than it looks. First up, the mattress comes with 2 covers, which means stripping off both layers before reaching the core! Secondly, adjusting the layers to the preferred firmness level. That was rather easy for us as we were handling with a single mattress. But I cannot imagine the pain if it was a queen or king-sized mattress. Lastly, zipping both the layers up! Fortunate for most of us who prefers medium-firm, Ecosa mattress arrives in that configuration. There is no un-zipping and flipping involved. If you flip the other side, the configuration is in the “firm” configuration. But for those who are more particular with quality, you may still want to unzip the outer cover, flip it over and re-zip it. The base of the outer layer appears to be made of a fabric from the top layer and have a see-through quality.

Another thing to take note of is the zippers. It may be that the mattress we received came with an outer cover with a defective zipper. It was extremely difficult to zip and unzip it. Although this is likely to be a single case of the defective zipper, we would still like to caution Ecosa’s buyer to take care when zipping and unzipping.


Verdict: Motion Isolation May Not Be As Great As Advertised

The motion isolation with the wine glass test is what that place Ecosa under the international spotlight. While we very much would like to replicate the video, we sure don’t want to deal with a stained cover should anything happened. Hence, we conducted our infamous juice bottle test on all three configurations.

For the firm configuration:

For the medium-firm configuration:

For the medium configuration:

In general, Ecosa performed well under this test only for the firm configuration. For those who prefer a medium-firm or a medium configuration, you’re likely to be affected by your partner’s motion. If you’re someone who is a light sleeper, this may be a problem for you. Overall, Emma also outperformed Ecosa in terms of its motion isolation property. When looking at both videos side-by-side, the juice bottles shake less violently on the Emma mattress than on Ecosa. To make both test fair, the girl jumping on the mattress is the same girl who weighs around 40kg. But we must say, we’re rather disappointed as this is a test that we look forward to the most.

A positive point about Ecosa is that movement is less restricted on the mattress as compared to Tempur. This makes it ideal for couples.


Verdict: The Mattress Retains Heat But Waterproof

It is rare to come across with a waterproof mattress without paying extra, Ecosa tick boxes in this area. During our sleep, we sweat. A mattress that does not have a waterproof cover usually means moisture can easily seep into the core of the mattress, cultivating bacteria and inviting allergens to our bed. Hence, a waterproof cover is crucial to minimize the growth of bacteria in our mattress.

To test its waterproof function, what’s a better way than to just pour water onto the cover? We did it and Ecosa impressed!

However, we were concern about the mattress breathability. A cover that prevents moisture from seeping through will also prevent heat from escaping the mattress. Memory foam mattress known for trapping heat easily therefore require technology to help disseminate heat effectively away from the mattress layers.

After trying it out for a week, we both agreed that we woke up covered in sweats quite frequently. Since this is dependent on the individual sleepers, we did further research and scan through all the possible comments and reviews relating to Ecosa. Generally, there have been several complaints regarding the mattress retaining heat. This may be due to the inner waterproof cover.

Another thing worth noting is that the inner cover material gives a rather noisy “paper-rubbing” sound when rubbed against. Taking my colleague literal description, “It feels like sleeping on bean bag because of the sound and feel. It does not feel like memory foam layer, without its body contouring property.”. For those who hates the slightest of noise during your sleep, this may be an important consideration.


Is Ecosa Mattress Easy to Clean and Maintain?

The mattress cover can be easily removable and machine washable. But what make Ecosa truly unique compared to other mattress-in-the-box brands is specialized cover material. The inner cover is made of microfilaments that makes the fabric waterproof and protects the mattress core from dust mites.


Is Ecosa Mattress Easy to Move Around?

Ecosa is a light weighted mattress that is easy to move around. Like Tempur, it lacks handles attachment at the side which may make the mattress a little more difficult to flip than we would like.

Where to buy Ecosa Mattress?

You can buy Ecosa mattress online at their store page. They currently do not have any stores or showroom in Hong Kong yet.


Ecosa is definitely a well rounder mattress in the Hong Kong market. It features adjustable firmness layer property, is water proof and anti-mites, and arrive in a compact box which suit the needs of most Hong Kongers.

Overall, we feel that Ecosa mattress adjustable firmness layer is highly novel but in terms of the comfort level, it fared rather poorly in that area. The lack of counter pressure appear to not support the spinal adequately and appropriately. However, if you weigh lighter, this may not be an issue for you.  Its waterproof inner cover also makes Ecosa appropriate for parents with children sleeping in the same bed or for pet owners. Since this feature is offered at no extra cost, this is a great benefit for most! However, this highly welcomed waterproof inner cover reduces the mattress breathability. Hence, the choice for consumers would be between the waterproof functionality at no extra cost or a more well ventilated mattress. But given that it’s price, we think it’s a good buy for those on a budget.



  • Mattress cover is dust-mite proof and waterproof
  • Movement on the mattress is not restricted making it ideal for couple
  • There is some degree of motion isolation especially for the firm configuration
  • The flexibility to change the firmness level


  • Changing the layers can be hassle as it takes at least two people to do it
  • Mattress retains heat making it uncomfortable to sleep during the night
  • Without the necessary counter pressure, the mattress lacks support especially for back sleepers
  • The mattress can be a little noisy due to the material used in the inner cover

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