Are you looking for a weighted blanket but are not sure which one would be the most suitable for you?

Weighted blankets started gaining its popularity in Asia in recent years. Before purchasing one, some might question what the main functions are and how to select the best blanket in Hong Kong. We present to you our complete guide on weighted blankets so that you can select the best blanket for yourself and your loved ones.


What are weighted blankets?

As the name suggests, weighted blankets are basically blankets with attached weight. While they were developed originally for people with behavioural disorders, weighted blankets became a mainstream sensation in recent years. They are recommended to everyone who wants to enjoy a real good nightโ€™s sleep.

According to studies, 70% of Hongkongers suffer from insomnia. Ironically, one of the main reasons for insomnia is the anxiety of not being able to fall asleep. Many eventually experience a vicious cycle, and it becomes even more difficult to truly relax at night. Weighted blankets create a deep pressure stimulation that helps to relax your nervous system, creating a calm and secure feeling as you fall asleep.

What are the benefits of weighted blankets?

To help you to achieve a relaxed sleep, weighted blankets are designed to reduce stress and anxiety. Studies show that people with insomnia experience higher sleep quality when using the blanket. They are also less likely to wake up multiple times throughout the night. Weighted blankets provide physiological calm that relaxes users and helps them to fall asleep.










Many users describe the feeling under weighted blankets as being hugged by someone. There are evenly distributed tiny glass or plastic beads in the blankets. They provide pressure to the body and the sensation of a comforting hug. Glass beads are generally more popular as they are denser than plastic beads which strengthen pressure distribution.

Who should use weighted blankets?

As mentioned, weighted blankets have become popular in recent decades, especially for metropolitans who often lead a stressful and exhausting lifestyle. They are highly recommendable for people who have difficulty sleeping, and basically for anyone who wants to truly relax at night.

However, if you suffer from chronic anxiety, depression or ADHD, you should consult a medical professional before using weighted blankets.

What are the criteria for a good weighted blanket?

We all know that it is important to consider different factors before buying any sleep products. This is particularly crucial with weighted blanket. Before ordering your new blanket online, keep in mind the following criteria:

1. Weight and Size

Unsurprisingly, the actual weight of the blanket is the most important consideration factor. Imagine you are only weighing 50kg, it does not make sense to get a new blanket weighing 10kg right? In fact, you may experience the exact opposite of what you expected. Instead of feeling relaxed, the blanket may be too heavy that it restricts your movements and you may experience discomfort.

Therefore, keep in mind that the blanket you are getting is not too heavy comparing to your weight. Ideally, the blanket should weigh not more than 10% of your body weight. For instance, if you weigh around 70kg, you should go for a 7kg weighted blanket.

2. Fabric










Weighted blankets come in different types of fabric. Some of the popular ones are made with microfiber, cotton, or even cooling fabric.

Microfiber blankets are generally soft and less pricy. However, it is not as breathable as other materials. Some users may find it too hot to be used in summer nights.

Cooling fabric, on the other hand, provides temperature-regulating properties to the blanket. You donโ€™t have to worry that you will be sweating too much when using the blanket in summer. Instead, just enjoy a long and relaxing nightโ€™s sleep with minimal disturbance.

One drawback is that blankets with cooling fabric are usually more expensive than other blankets. If you have limited budget but would still want to go for a high-quality weighted blanket, your best choice would be a cotton blanket.

3. Beads material

Tiny beads spread evenly throughout the blanket is the key to the feeling of a firm hug. The beads materials directly affect the performance of the blankets and they vary in price.

Plastic beads are the most common materials. They are cost-effective, and their flexible texture renders them suitable materials for weighted blankets. However, blankets with plastic beads fillers can be a bit uneven, adversely affecting the weight distribution properties of the blankets. Some people might also be allergic to the plastic beads.

Glass beads are usually used in higher-end weighted blankets. These glass beads are very smooth, and they are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction in users. Although glass beads are generally more expansive than plastic beads, a smaller amount is required which offset the high costs of glass beads. Hence, weighted blankets with glass beads fillings tend to be less bulky.

The last common filler for blankets is steel beads. Similar to glass beads, steels beads are extremely smooth which enhance the calming effect of the blankets. Steel beads are also highly durable.










However, blankets with steels beads filling tend to make more noise than plastic and glass beads. If you are sensitive to noise at night, the blanket might become a nuisance to you. Steel beads are only recommended to people who are more insensitive to noise during their sleep.

All in all, glass beads might be a more expensive option, but they are the best all-round filler. We would highly recommend getting a blanket with glass beads filling.

4. Price

Weighted blankets in Hong Kong generally cost between HK$1100 to HK$4000. The price of blankets often reflects the materials used. Blankets with plastic beads filling tend to be the cheapest and those with glass beads are usually more expensive. Pay attention to the materials used and judge for yourself which blanket is the best for you.


Where can I buy the best weighted blanket in Hong Kong?

When choosing the best weighted blanket, pay extra attention to the materials used, weight distribution and whether the blankets can be washed.

As weighted blankets are quite new to Hongkongers, many struggle to find them at traditional mattress stores. Indeed, as weighted blankets are just newly introduced in many Asian markets, they are more commonly found with international mattress brands. Some mattress brands are selling high quality blankets online at a decent price.

Emma Mattress, which is originated from Germany, launched their weighted blanket with bamboo cover last year. It is nicknamed โ€˜Emma Hugโ€™, as it stimulates the feeling of a comforting hug that helps to reduce stress and anxiety.










Emma Weighted Blanket consists of 7 layers, with extra fine glass beads which ensure pressure is evenly distributed throughout the blanket. Not only is the blanket made with 100% breathable cotton, but it also comes with a bamboo cover which adds on a silk-like texture. The blanket is also washable so you can always keep it perfectly clean.

While weighted blankets are more commonly found in western countries, its popularity in Asia grew tremendously in recent years. In fact, they are perfect for Hongkongers who constantly face extreme stress and anxiety in everyday life. If you are also looking for a new mattress that complements the effects of weighted blankets, check out our tips on how to select the best mattress in Hong Kong.

Choose a weighted blanket with the right weight and materials today and say goodbye to insomnia!