One of the most common questions that people ask when purchasing a new mattress is “Which mattress is the best?“. Reading mattress reviews and even comments left by customers are great ways to help decide which mattress should you buy. Mattress review, in particular, are extremely helpful. They give you in-depth information about different aspects of the mattress and even allow you to compare mattresses. This helps you to decide on making a more suited purchase, reducing the risk of a bad purchase. But how exactly are mattresses reviewed and tested? Read on for more!

Who does the Mattress Test?

Mattresses are generally tested during the development of a mattress by the brands itself. However, consumer bodies such as the Hong Kong Consumer Council, the U.K. Consumers’ Association, and the France Consumers’ Association also test and review various mattresses to provide consumers an unbiased and independent review.

Mechanical Mattress Test

Whether it’s the mattress company or the consumer bodies, they usually make use of special machines to test the mattresses. These special machines are designed to give the most accurate results.

A common test involves exerting great pressure on the mattress by rolling a large weight over the mattress several times. This is used to test the durability of the mattress. A mattress that performs well in this “durability” test is an indication of the long-lasting nature of the mattress as it’s original shape is maintained throughout its use. Those that perform poorly will see indent marks on the mattress, seriously inhibit its ability to spring back to form.

Another mechanical mattress test is the test for ventilation and breathability. This is extremely important during summer in Hong Kong when we find ourselves sweating throughout the night. Many locals that I know of when deciding to buy a mattress is always worried if the mattress is too “hot”. The breathability test measures how much moisture the mattress absorbs and how quickly the moisture is discharged into the outside air. For instance, theย Emma mattress was tested for its breathability by the U.K. Consumer’s Association, Which?. According to the report, it was awarded a 4 out of star rating which is extremely impressive for a memory foam mattress.

Mattress test with test subjects

The mattress can also be tested using test subjects. This often involves using both a heavier and a lighter person. From this test, one can measure things such as comfort, the degree of body contouring, and the level of support and spinal alignment.


When considering a mattress purchase, you may want to consider mattresses that are reviewed by an independent consumer’s organization. The extensive test conducted and the special machines used provides far more accurate results. You may want to take into account the number of awards given by consumers associations to the brand when purchasing your next mattress!

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